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We create memorable experiences that highlight and enhance all that is best about your business. We understand that every event project is unique and requires an individual approach. That’s why we listen carefully to your needs and expectations to deliver solutions that perfectly match your vision and goals.

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Creative Event Agency

We serve companies in the field of event marketing & brand experience. What sets us apart is our experience, strategic approach, originality of implemented projects and attention to detail. We translate a strategy tailored to your needs into a creative implementation of your event.

We provide our full care and support to ensure that every event is spectacular and leaves an unforgettable impression on both you and your guests.

We Turn Events into Emotions is not only our motto. We believe that emotions make our unique events stay in the hearts and minds of participants for a long time.

We turn events into emotions
Agencja Eventowa - Bossa Nova Events


Our portfolio presents a compilation of extraordinary events that we have been creating with extraordinary passion and precision for over 16 years. You will be immersed in the world of exceptional events that we have delivered for key companies and brands in Poland and abroad.

firmowy event integracyjny Mionetto - Bossa Nova Events

Firmowy event integracyjny Mionetto

W dniach 4-6 marca zorganizowaliśmy dla firmy Henkell-Freixenet Polska coroczny firmowy event integracyjny w malowniczym Zakopanem. Event firmowy, pod hasłem „Droga na szczyt”, ukazał ważność celebracji sukcesów i ciągłego rozwoju każdego członka zespołu, jednocześnie zapowiadając kolejne inspirujące inicjatywy firmy.

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Kappahl - event Creative Brand Stories

Wydarzenie “Kappahl 4 Senses”

“Kappahl 4 Senses” to koncepcja wydarzenia stworzona na bazie czterech zmysłów: wzroku, smaku, zapachu i dotyku. Naszym zadaniem było skupienie się na tym, co dobre dla ciała, umysłu i duszy. Tworząc od początku wydarzenia drogę uczestnika. Event skupił się na idei selfcare i mindfulness, łącząc je z doświadczeniami związanymi z najnowszą kolekcją.

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Our customers' opinions

Ringier Axel Springer
"Nothing is impossible for you! I would like to thank you for your professionalism and commitment, for every quick response to changes and various adversities. Every time I know I can count on complete professionalism, a lovely atmosphere, oceans of patience and amazing ideas. Working with them is a pure pleasure!"
"Working with the entire team at Bossa Nova agency was a pure pleasure from start to finish! They understood our needs perfectly, the entirety of the various services was implemented perfectly. They reacted in real time to changing conditions and showed extreme flexibility and professionalism."
Health Labs Care
"A team that is not afraid of challenges or time pressure. They work perfectly with a clean sheet, generating great ideas tailored to the budget and objectives of the campaign in progress, as well as with definite plans for realisation to be implemented. I very much appreciate the good communication and openness to feedback."
"The experienced staff and the organisational potential of the agency deserve high praise! Bossa Nova Events prepared and executed the scenario of online events, provided full technical and logistical support, developed the graphic design - all at the highest level!"
"A fantastic team and professional service! They met all our requirements, were incredibly creative and adapted the communication and games so that everyone had a great time - including the team organising the event :). Professionalism, super responsive and meeting the challenges and needs of the client."

What do we offer?

We have been specialists in creating unique experiences going beyond standard marketing communication for 16 years.

We are a group

– that brings together brands specialising in various areas of marketing communication.

Bossa Nova Events

We cooperate harmoniously, sharing ideas, inspirations, and solutions, to create projects that will draw attention and engage. It is this synergy that makes our actions unique and successful. Simply put, we communicate your brand comprehensively.

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