Brand Experience

Organising corporate events that focus on brand experience

Brand Experience

Brand experience plays a key role in building lasting bonds with employees, customers, partners and enhancing your brand reputation. At Bossa Nova Events, we go beyond traditional corporate events by enriching our activities with additional elements such as pop-up shops, product sampling, digital activations, storytelling, activities with influencers, public relations and much more

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Brand experience

Brand experience encompasses all the interactions and experiences customers have with your brand.

We achieve success in creating a positive corporate reputation and audience attachment to your brand by focusing on brand consistency across multiple communication channels, emotional engagement and relationship building with employees, customers and reaching new groups.

Together with brands, we create memorable experiences that strongly engage their audiences

Focusing on brand experience when organising events also allows you to interact directly with employees and customers, which in turn enables you to better understand their needs and expectations. This allows you to align your company and brand strategy and product and service offerings with the real needs of your audience, building even stronger connections. And consumers who have a positive experience with a brand are more likely to make repeat purchases and recommend it to others, resulting in increased sales and recognition of your brand.

Interactive storytelling

Today, every brand has a unique story to tell. It wants to share its narrative to capture the attention of its audience and stand out in the market. Whether a company is focusing on ESG-compliant activities, building an employer brand, highlighting community outreach activities or focusing on innovation and technological advancements, storytelling allows you to communicate your values, passion and goals, creating an authentic and emotional connection with your audience. 

At Bossa Nova Events, we are dedicated to organising corporate events that not only provide unforgettable experiences, building a positive image for your brand, but also enable you to develop long-lasting relationships with your employees, customers and partners. 

Attract the attention of your customers and employees with us and position yourself as an innovative company and a desirable employer in the market.

Through storytelling, we enable brands to create engaging and memorable events.

We use every event as an opportunity to tell a brand’s story and present its mission and values. We interweave narrative with visual, audio and interactive elements to draw participants into the brand’s world. Beginning with the invitation, through the stages of the event to its conclusion, we carefully build a cohesive narrative that will surprise, interest and hold participants’ attention.

See how we tell our clients' brand stories through events:

Over the past few years, we have organised dozens of event realisations that were based on the concept of brand experience. We have to our credit such events as the unforgettable Office Week for Axel Ringer Springer, and we write about the details of the uniqueness of this event here.

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It is also worth mentioning the spectacular stand prepared for J-Labs Software Specialists, whose brand will still be remembered by attendees after the recent Devoxx fair. Our stand was unmissable! See why it was impossible to pass by it indifferently

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We made our debut with the Tiger Energy Drink brand at summer festivals. Our main assumption was to extract the values ​​that are important for the brand and to show its obvious uniqueness. We have created a brand image zone, referring to a gas station straight from Route 66!

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Specialists in marketing communication!

Bossa Nova Events is part of a group Creative Brand Stories which brings together brands specialising in different areas of marketing communication. 

We are a group

– that brings together brands specialising in various areas of marketing communication.


Bossa Nova Events

We cooperate harmoniously, sharing ideas, inspirations, and solutions, to create projects that will draw attention and engage. It is this synergy that makes our actions unique and successful. Simply put, we communicate your brand comprehensively.

The coherent ecosystem created by various points of contact between a brand and its audience is crucial in marketing today

The abundance of communication tools and the ability to tailor the message to the audience’s preferences make it possible to build credibility and trust, engage emotionally and increase brand reach and visibility.

Our original approach and passion for creating unique experiences make working with us a guarantee of success. We focus on full commitment to projects and building lasting relationships with our clients. The constancy of our team is extremely important for the continuity and high quality of our services. We provide complete care and act comprehensively, taking care of every detail. From the initial contact to the completion of the project, you can rest assured that we are with you every step of the way. Find out why you should entrust us with your special event or marketing campaign and join the ranks of our satisfied clients!

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