Company trips full of emotions!

We take care of complex realization of team building activities and company trips; starting from a creative idea, choosing the best place and hotels to coordinating everything into a perfect whole.


Team building & integrational trips

Tight-knit, strong team of employees is a guarantee of success in your company. An exceptionally important element of training and development is team building in business or institutions. How to do that? We are all in for team building and motivational trips which through an active participation of employees amends the communication and internal cooperation in a team, branch or whole company.

Which parts of an integration event can we take care of?

Participant zone - dedicated online platform
Service at every stage of implementation
Selection of appropriate tools for integrating the group
Original concept - scenerio tailored to the group
Logistics service & transport
Graphic identification
Boxes & welcome packages for participants
Event catering
Social media & PR services
Event post-production

For whom?

We work with the best, for the best!

  • employees of all ranks of the company & the public sector
  • managers, directors, employees of every position
  • vital customers of companies
  • business partners of companies
  • Polish or foreign-language employees
  • for every group – we have carried out business party projects for multiple branches of brands

Team building forms we propose induce positive emotions for participants and they are helpful with building solid, harmonious, strong teams in companies. With a variety of different activities (tasks, experiments, riddles) dissimilar character traits can be found and used to pursue for accomplishment of different tasks. We are showing how to create effective organization by genuine fun, integration and assigning roles in a team. We perfectly know how to organize memorable team building in your business! Our company perpetually seek for new ways to build engagement, increasing competences, amending communication, or strengthening loyalty through active and peculiar system which builds up tight-knit team of employees.

Forms of team building we organize are effective and at the same time interesting and engaging. Participants who take part in that kind of activity may increase their motivation to work, create a tight-knit and stable group within a company and most importantly learn cooperation in a team. Our specialists are adjusting forms, themes, and activities’ scenarios so that company event give expected results. Team building activities are also adjusted to the company’s training topics. Very often we have been cooperating with training teams within companies to adapt coaching with integrational themes and to arouse attention of the participants.

Event projects carried out by Bossa Nova Events are also documented by our professional team of photographers and camera operators. We can also carry out photo relations and record the event with a drone. Our company can order photo books for participants so that they can reminisce about the positive energy they felt during the event. Team building also means diverse types of company trips. With different activities during several day trips, we are helping companies to create well-coordinated teams.

We are organizing integrational trips to beautiful and unique parts of Poland. We have a base of suitable places, hotels, guest houses and farm tourisms. We are providing transfers, accommodation, training, and motivational programs. Theme trips like off road rides, team building, business trips with elements of integration – from many years this is our specialty. A key for our trips is to combine team building with entertainment and relaxation. Every time we are adjusting an idea and program to our customer’s preferences.

We specialize in complex organization of company trips; from initial consultations, creative ideas of integrating the group, determining the target group, choosing the best place for the trip, coordinating, and executing. Events during the business trips organized by Bossa Nova Events are a combination of creativity and professionalism. We have on our account several business trips, satisfied customers, memorable team building activities and thousands of events’ participants.

Integrational events organized by Bossa Nova Events are complexly carried out with the highest standards, following current trends and needs of the market. With carrying out business trips with elements of team building we are offering:

  • cohesive concept of an event and assistance with choosing attractions for target group,
  • few hundred travel places to choose in Poland,
  • the best logistics,
  • team of experienced event managers,
  • assistance during every step with carrying out an event,
  • outdoor games, where the crucial element is to pick a leader, who would not only command the group but also motivate it to accomplish the tasks,
  • extremal activities triggering adrenaline that allow to see how different employees cope with various, very often stressful situations,
  • effective forms of supporting communication in a group,
  • assistance with forming and carrying out group and individual goals,

If you want to organize less formal events with an element of team building, contact us and we will be glad to show you our offer of outdoor games, integrational and team building activities. In our offer you will find many suggestions of how to integrate a group of employees in your company, in the office, online or during a several days integrational trip. Our suggestions can be fully personalized and adapted to the needs of the target group. Contact us and we will be more than happy to prepare a personalized offer and show you all our ideas for activities, company events and team building. In our offer we also have suggestions for online integration.

If our offer of TEAM BUILDING & INTEGRATIONAL TRIPS sounds interesting for you, contact us and we will prepare solutions for your needs. We will talk, advise, and prepare the best offer!

Have we inspired or interested you? Call us, write to us, send us a question – we will contact you!