Organize a memorable picnic party in your company!

Are you planning a company picnic? We can suggest the best, unorthodox solutions!

Everything in a safe environment following the highest standards of safety.

We will carry out complex service and production: from a creative concept to choosing the best tools.


Outdoor events & company picnics

Company picnic is an exceptional type of event which is organized in the fresh air. This type of company event lets the employees integrate more but also helps with carrying out marketing and PR’s targets. During the event company owners have a chance to meet with their customers, investors and business partners in less formal circumstances. It is an exceptionally important event within the structures of the company – very often it is one of very few opportunities for employees of various positions to join the event with their close ones to integrate.

Which parts of an outdoor event we can take care of?

Members area - a dedicated internet platform
Transportation of participants and logistics
Concept and scenario of an outdoor event
Technical support and coordination
Highest standards of sanitary safety
Graphic designs
Photo and video relations
Scenography, decorations and estrade technique
Gifts boxes for participants
Catering services and food trucks
Dedicated www website
Social media & PR services
Event post-production

For whom?

We work with the best, for the best!

  • employees of all ranks of the company & the public sector
  • managers, directors, employees of every position
  • vital customers of companies
  • business partners of companies
  • Polish or foreign-language employees
  • for every group – we have carried out business party projects for multiple branches of brands

Are you planning to organize a company picnic? Great! We have over 15 years of experience in carrying out events in the form of family picnics for companies of different branches. We have been preparing company picnics for small, family businesses as well as big enterprises and foreign corporations.

We are offering interesting, unique ideas suitable for customer’s needs and budget. We are assisting with promotion of ecology and healthy lifestyle as an element of maintaining a good image of the company. During those company events, guests can take part in various physical activities and participate in healthy competition. Company picnics we organize are a source of great fun and happiness. Our suggestion of attractions is matching the needs of the target group, both children and adults. Eco workshops or sport competitions, music star performances – are only one of few attractions we can prepare.

We will create a scenario of the company’s picnic, matching both theme and attractions for providing great fun and memorable experience for participants. During implementation of outdoor picnics, we are cooperating with the best specialists, animators, and hosts. A company picnic is a type of event which we organize with the biggest satisfaction. The range of cooperation with our agency during the organization of a company picnic includes:

  • providing a perfect place with gastronomy facilities suiting the needs of the customer and participants,
  • the creation of an artistic and activity setting by choosing a leading theme as well as individual attractions for the event,
  • delivering proper solutions for integrations, sharing the company goals, and building business relations,
  • marketing and PR for promoting event within a company,
  • a team of experienced members,
  • cohesive idea of the event,
  • providing highest standard of security and sanitary (disinfection gates, sanitary materials, qualified staff)
  • support in every step of carrying out and preparing an outdoor event

Company picnic is an exceptional type of event during which employees have a chance to get to know each other and expand their friendly and business relations. We are taking care so that everything can be carried out in a perfect, relaxed atmosphere which is the best for integrations. Outdoor events in the fresh air with an interesting artistic setting. Prepared with precision and attention to details are always memorable moments for your employees, customers, or business partners!

We can organize a whole week of challenges or themed days which will end with an outdoor event. Our suggestions can be fully adjusted for the target group. Contact us and we will prepare a creative offer for you and show you all our ideas for activities on company’s picnics.

If our offer of OUTDOOR EVENTS sounds interesting for you, contact us and we will prepare solutions for your needs. We will talk, advise, and prepare the best offer!

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