Events that encode the image of your brand!

We deal with comprehensive service and sales support through appropriately selected event marketing strategies: from a creative concept, the selection of the best tools, to the implementation and bundling everything together in a perfect whole!


Marketing events & promotional campaigns

In the currently heavily digitized modern world, it is especially important for event participants to find new, unique and personal contacts.

Which parts of an online event can we take care of?

Event concepts & scenarios
Dedicated website
Technical customer service & coordination
Logistics for the event
Graphical setting
Qualified service of hostesses and hosts
Entertainment setting
Organization of the competition
Decorations & scenography
Gift bundles and promotional gadgets
Catering services
Event space rent out
Social media & PR service
Postproduction for the event

For whom?

We work with the best, for the best!

  • employees of all ranks of the company & the public sector
  • managers, directors, employees of every position
  • vital customers of companies
  • business partners of companies
  • Polish or foreign-language employees
  • for every group – we have realized gift boxes for multiple distinct brands

Events are the most successful source of marketing when it comes to digital advertisement, e-mail or content marketing. About 60% of company leaders think that events taking place in real life are the most effective marketing source that allows the achievement of the most important business goals. In our accomplishments, we pay the most attention to marketing communication aimed directly at the consumer of the brand. Consistent and cohesive communication of the brand is one of the key strategies to achieving sales. Numerous surveys confirm that live events allow the consumers to get a better understanding of a particular product, or a service which a particular brand offers. Moreover, in the spirit of experimental marketing, 70% of customers become regulars after attending an event of a particular brand of their choice.

A well selected strategy of event marketing perfectly consolidates a particular image of a brand. An idea which a brand supports, what does the brand say about itself, its views… all those elements create memorable and clear branding. Events are characterized with a lot more interaction than any other advert creation. This dynamic allows the participants of the event to remember the brand by associating it with particular emotions and memories that were made with other people at the event.

We offer a wide variety of events for our customers, ones that will strengthen and promote the image of their brand. We organise creative promotional activities that you will definitely not miss.

We create memorable events! Our promotional campaigns are operated in complex ways: from first consultations, analyzing the brand’s DNA, showing a creative concept and a cohesive picture for the final outcome, to finalizing and executing the idea using different available techniques. Events carried out by Bossa Nova Events consist of a cohesive concept assisted by the most original ideas. We have dozens of organised events, satisfied customers, and creative promotional campaigns that support sales.

Creating events requires a wide supply of organisatory manners as well as a creative background – that is why we offer a wide spectrum of solutions that we have worked out and tested over the years. We cooperate with the best influencers, speakers, as well as sales and promotion specialists. During our creations we guarantee the effect that we planned out earlier. Live marketing is an extremely successful sales tool during these times. The key factor is to properly adjust the event to the general business strategy of the company. Benefits such as the engagement of clients, their loyalty to the brand are only some of the few benefits that we offer. We are experienced in organizing promotional campaigns in Poland, as well as abroad. We operate in a wide variety of brands and products. Our customers are attracted by our one-time events, as well as periodic events. The second ones cause the brand to build a loyal community of active buyers. Event marketing is a mix of ATL, BTL and PR, which is why it works with different ways of communication at the same time.

Promotional actions support brands in building the image of the company and the attachment to the brand. More and more questions associated with promotional campaigns are related with the brand’s separated areas during festivals and trade fairs. Those forms of event marketing are what we focus on most, but we also provide our customers with multiple solutions that are just as effective when it comes to live marketing. We take on each and every project individually and unconventionally.

One of the more interesting forms of promotional events are road shows. As the name suggests, road shows are associated with a type of event-tournee across the country, and sometimes even other countries. Road shows and their forms are usually done in a more loose format, and promotional actions, workshops or seminar meetings are often connected into one cohesive scenario that helps achieving market goals that were set earlier. Each project is attributed to individual needs. Road show type events are usually connected to entertaining side-events, for example concerts, shows and artistic performances. We turn events into emotion, to make those events even more memorable for participants.

Business events organised by Bossa Nova Events are organized in a complex manner, at the highest standard, reflecting the current trends and expectations of the market. As part of our complex offer we provide:

  • a cohesive concept of the event and assistance with choosing promotional solutions,
  • a team of experienced event managers,
  • customer service and creative setting of the project,
  • assistance with setting goals for the live event,
  • contact and cooperations with influencers,
  • qualified hosts and hostesses,
  • support at every step of the event’s execution,
  • choosing a location suitable for the target group of a product,
  • a properly adjusted scenario so that every location of the event could be unique and interesting,
  • creative experiential marketing,
  • execution of the marketing strategy,
  • a cohesive graphic identification of the event and its promotion across multiple communication channels,
  • a proper atmosphere suited for the character of the event,

Our suggestions can be fully personalized and adjusted to the group’s interests. Contact us, and we will gladly prepare a custom offer and show you our newest suggestions that will help promote your brand thanks to events!

If our offer of LIVE MARKETING sounds interesting for you, contact us and we will prepare solutions for your needs. We will talk, advise and prepare the best offer!

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