The power of eco business events!

Have you ever thought of organizing an event in the spirit of eco & zero waste in your company or institution? We will provide you with unique and creative solutions which are not only interesting for the participants of your event, but also allows them to take care of the environment!

We take care of the complex service and production: from a creative idea in the eco spirit, handpicking the best tools for the job, to finally turning everything into a perfectly ecological whole!

We believe in the idea of small steps, as well as the thought that eco changes are to be made one at a time, until they slowly become strong habits of ours.


Ecological events

Ecological events are becoming an everyday phenomenon – more and more companies take on actions that help reduce the damage done to our planet to a minimum. Since the beginning of our company, we have been supporting, creating and implementing eco ideas, so the solutions we propose to our clients are backed by years’ worth of experience and knowledge in this field. Taking care of the environment is of utmost importance to us, which is why we always utilize the newest technologies as well as pro ecological methods in every step we take during the creation of an event – we do not print unnecessary materials, we scan and send electronic invoices instead of photocopying them. We segregate waste and educate on this topic as much as we can during our workshops. When it comes to decorating our events, we always try to utilize as much natural materials as we can, and if our clients wish to do so, we can give those products a second life by turning them into gifts for guests when the event is over or use those same materials for another event to reduce the amount of waste. For our events we always use biodegradable dishes and cutlery. We support local initiatives. We organize eco catering services while also providing our events’ guests with bundles of useful eco gadgets. We provide a full range of ecological practices which we have been helping implement in companies for a few years now.

During these times taking care of our environment is especially important, and that is why we are eager to help your company in taking pro ecological actions by organizing an event based on the newest eco trends and climate-neutral solutions.
We pride ourselves with having 15 years’ worth of experience in organizing ecological events in a range of styles.

Our creations are not only friendly for our environment but are also educational while being highly entertaining at the same time! It does not matter whether you want to organize ecological workshops, an integrative trip, a company picnic, or conference – we will provide you with an offer that will fulfill all your needs, and the eco event that we organize will fully meet the expectations of your company!

We have a special website dedicated to our ecological events and an online store with products that are eco-friendly

Which parts of an eco event can we take care of?

Members area - a dedicated internet platform
Customer service on every step of the creation of eco events
Original concept and script - adjusted to the group
Graphical setting
Gift boxes and bundles for attendants
Eco catering services
Decorations and scenography
Promoting the event in social media and through PR activities
Event post-production

For whom?

We work for the best with the best!

  • target group
  • choosing a leading theme and individual attractions
  • providing proper solutions used for integration, building business relations and conveying values important for the company
  • marketing and PR operations aiming to promote the event in the company
  • a team of experienced staff
  • a cohesive concept of the event
  • providing the highest standards of sanitary safety (disinfection points, sanitary materials, qualified staff)
  • meritorical assistance at every step of executing and preparing an outdoor event
  • ecological solutions based on the newest trends

If our offer of ECOLOGICAL EVENTS sounds interesting for you, contact us and we will prepare solutions for your needs. We will talk, advise and prepare the best offer!

Have we inspired or interested you? Call us, write to us, send us a question – we will contact you!