Gifts that build up relations in your business!

We take care of the complex realization and production of gift boxes; from a creative idea, initial consultations, determining the target group, suggesting a product, branding and final realization and coordinating everything into a perfect whole.


Company gift boxes

Well prepared personalized suggestions of gift bundles can be a perfect solution for increasing sales and building up partnership between the company and its employees. Our company gift boxes are also a terrific way for celebrating your company’s notable events like jubilees, banquets, business meetings, team integrations, celebrating sales success or rewarding employees for their commitment. Every occasion is good for surprising someone with a gift: International Women’s Day, International Men’s Day, Christmas, Children’s Day, Spring Day or even those less popular such as Earth Day, Fat Thursday, Book Day, World Kindness Day.

If you want to organize something unique for your company and surprise everyone, contact us and we will prepare a dedicated offer and show you how to surprise receivers of your company’s boxes! We are combining gift boxes with online events in a perfect way.

The most important thing for our company is to match each gift to a specific person to make them feel surprised, important, and appreciated!

Which parts of preparing gift boxes can we take care of?

A platform adjusted to the box receiver
Assistance with choosing the best gift products
Original concept of boxes - adapting the gifts to the target group
Logistics & transport
Graphic concept
Branding of the products, boxes, ribbons & cards
Promoting the event in social media and through PR activities
Service at every stage of implementation

What do our gift boxes look like?

Our business boxes and gift bundles can be fully personalized. The choice of size, color and wrapping of the box is yours to make. We can put your company’s logo, any graphic or text, for example the receiver’s name, personalized wishes for employees, contractors, and customers!

Personalized lanyard sticker with your logo, box with your company’s theme colors or elegant chest engraved with the company’s theme. It is only a matter of discussion – our creativity in this field knows no bounds!

For whom we dedicate our boxes?

We work with the best, for the best!

  • employees of all ranks of the company & the public sector
  • managers, directors, employees of every position
  • vital customers of companies
  • business partners of companies
  • Polish or foreign-language employees
  • for every group – we have realized gift boxes for multiple distinct brands

Company’s jubilee – how to celebrate this important event at a home office?

Is your company celebrating a jubilee this year? Are you planning to organize the company’s jubilee online and you are looking for additional attractions? Do you want to bestow your employees with unique and astonishing gifts? Company’s jubilee or theme banquet is an important event for any business. We have an ideal offer which will pleasantly surprise all your employees and crucial company customers.

We offer a wide variety of gadgets, which fits perfectly for such an important event for your company. We can produce engraved statuettes, exclusive pralines with your logo or unique personalized gifts. Anything that you choose from our offer prepared by our team will be nicely packaged, personalized graphically and delivered to an indicated address. We can diversify handing over the gifts with an additional attraction, for example with the presence of a famous person, or concierge who will hand over jubilee’s souvenirs for the receiver.

Team building – surprise box sent before an event.

Undoubtedly one of the most astonishing and the best ideas for drawing attention and engaging guests in an event are special boxes sent consecutively before an event. We are all in for team building which with an active involvement of the participants can make communication and internal cooperation in a team, department, or company more efficient. These days in those challenging times we can do everything online, encouraging activity with a unique box. Depending on the form of team building, mysterious gift boxes may include official invitation for an event, additional prizes for distinguished persons, such as company’s gadgets or elements crucial for realizing attractions which will allow your team to show off their creativity.

Would you like to prepare an integration week in your company? Maybe you are looking for an idea for team building online? Contact us – we will prepare a creative box, which will provide your employees a daily dose of humour and then we will knock on the door and bestow the best!

Creative eco gift bundles associated with wine and culinary workshops, eco and zero waste.

Is your company trying to be eco and follow the rules of zero waste? In our offer we have eco online workshops for both children and adults. All of the participants will receive a creative eco box which refers to the topic of the event. In the bundle there are essential elements for making eco cosmetics, natural candles or beeswax wraps. Would you like to meet your fellow employees for a company’s dinner? That is not an issue for us. In cooperation with the best restaurants in Poland we will prepare boxes with dishes for your customers. You will be able to talk about the company’s strategy or sum up the finished project. The best company for that would be delicious food and a glass of wine – which also can be delivered in a creative box. We can also prepare tasting evenings online with the best sommeliers in Poland!

Marketing boxes - delivery to influencers.

Unique, unorthodox, eye-catching unboxing and real time marketing? In a world where it seems that everything was already done before we still need to surprise receivers with our creativity. Are you launching a brand-new product? We will help you wrap it nicely and with original unboxing we can guarantee a positive and wide reception of your product in social media.
We will prepare a personalized box with your brand’s products which will surprise and induce positive emotions. Is your product meant to be associated with summer? We will make your receiver open a sunny box with colorful sand and balloon palm trees! Our creativity knows no limits. We will take care of suitable branding of the boxes, exposure of the products and delivery to influencers and if you need a concept and graphic project – our creative department will take care of the complex implementation. Gift boxes we are offering are great for inducing positive emotions and might be a vital part of appreciating the employees, co-workers, contractors or vital customers of your company.

We are always looking for unique products and ideas for involvement, development of competencies, amending communication or strengthening loyalty between employees. It is especially important during a pandemic. With the gift bundles we are not only delivering a box but also a dose of positive energy and memorable moments. Our gift bundles are complexly implemented with the highest standards, following current trends and needs of the market. We are also following the highest standards of sanitary guidelines. Within implementation of our boxes and business events, we are offering for example consistency of both event and boxes, assistance with choosing the best attractions for target group, over few hundred valid products, the best logistics, a team of experienced event managers, effective forms of supporting communication of a group and an assistance with implementing individuals and group targets.

If our offer of BUSINESS GIFT BOXES sounds interesting for you, contact us and we will prepare solutions for your needs. We will talk, advise and prepare the best offer!

Have we inspired or interested you? Call us, write to us, send us a question – we will contact you!