The most amazing conferences and business events.
The most amazing business conferences and events

Our company organizes business events and conferences – starting from a creative idea, choosing the best place for the event, to finally making the event of your dreams come true!


Business events and conferences

Placing a brand-new product on the market, rebranding, important brand conferences, company jubilees, these are all undoubtedly important moments in every company or institution’s lives. It is crucial to celebrate such occasions with a professionally organized business event. We always strive for professionalism and creativity!

Business events and conferences we organize:

And many other suggestions that constantly expand our offer!

Which parts of a gala event & conference can we take care of?

Participant zone - dedicated online platform
Service at every stage of implementation
Music and event attractions
Original concept - scenerio tailored to the group
Logistics service & transport
Graphic identification
Event space rental
Boxes & welcome packages for participants
Event catering
Decorations & scenography
Social media & PR services
Event post-production

For whom?

We work for the best with the best.

Business events and conferences organized by Bossa Nova Events are carried out in accordance with the customers’ specific instructions and needs.
As part of our complex offer for companies we propose:

  • a leading theme for the character of the business event or conference;
    unique attractions connected to chosen theme,
  • carefully and individually selected musical settings (DJ or band), sound and light equipment,
  • verified places (hotels, event halls, multi-purpose arenas, outdoor locations)
  • the best, carefully selected catering services,
  • personalized company-related gadgets, the most beautiful decor, and essential visuals for the event,
  • individual scenarios for business events or other occasions,

An offer for the communicational strategy of the company (internal and external) using the newest technological solutions.

Business events

We organize small, private business parties as well as large-sized worldwide events. During recent times we have fully shifted our operations into the online world, although we hope to bring back creating memorable events in the real world!

We cooperate with only the best experts when it comes to lighting, stage technology, scenery and multimedia. We take inspiration from renowned international trade fairs and business events, so we tend to surprise our customers with the brightest ideas even at the stage of planning the event. We provide our clients with the best hosts as well as the most interesting, reliable music and entertainment setting. There is no such thing as impossible for our event agency team, and the business events organised by Bossa Nova Events are always accustomed to the customer’s needs.

Business events with a leading theme from a book or movie? We have plenty of experience in organizing those. The most popular ones include: a Venetian mask ball, an extravagant evening in the style of ‘The Great Gatsby’, or a party in the style of ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. Costume parties rise in popularity among business events as well. An evening in the style of Bollywood or the French Moulin Rouge are guaranteed to leave unforgettable memories. There is also a space-themed business event for the lovers of George Lucas’ ‘Star Wars’ saga.

When it comes to business events, we take great inspiration from the passing decades. The current trends allow us to relive the good old times by organizing parties in the styles of the 80s (e.g ‘Stranger Things’) or the 90s (e.g ‘Friends’ – for those who want to embody Rachel, Monica, Chandler or Phoebe). We have also organized plenty of themed evenings in the style of Retro Game Party Mario Bros, 80s style party, or an evening at the Casino, among many others.

Business events also include unique Christmas parties, company jubilees, ceremonial meetings, business dinners and VIP meetings. For those types of banquets and company events we choose the best areas that fit the customer’s needs for size, design and location. Business events – the organisation and execution are usually the final part. We usually begin by getting to know our customer. A well filled brief allows us to create business events, banquets, business jubilees as well as themed evenings according to the client’s expectations.


Organizing conferences and brand seminars requires coordinating multiple actions at once. It is a crucial element of marketing strategy amongst many brands. Being as experienced as we are in organizing conferences, we assist businesses in achieving their organisatory and representative goals.

An important part of cooperation is/planning the entire program of the conference. The complex service that we provide includes catering, logistics, accommodating the participants of the conference, as well as coordinating every activity during the event.

We execute the organization of conferences, seminars or business training for different brands. We are also experienced in working in cooperation with international corporations. Those types of events are a perfect way to showcase the brand as an expert in a particular field. They allow the acquisition of new, valuable contacts and the execution of various business and sales goals.

During the organization of a conference we pay attention to every detail, as we know how important it is when it comes to creating a brand’s image. We prepare a programme based on a budget that is agreed on.

Every conference that we organize is carefully catered by the most experienced and professional event managers. This makes our event agency reliable. We cooperate with many different hotels and conference centers across Poland, which results in an attractive offer that will suit any potential client’s needs.

We hold years of experience in organizing various themed business parties – currently we also work in the area of online and hybrid events.

Properly matching the event’s attractions, as well as its location to its target group is what matters most to our agency. That way everyone attending the event can feel pleasantly surprised, important and just like at home!

If you are interested in organizing something exceptional to surprise your employees, important customers or contractors, contact us and we will gladly prepare a dedicated offer for a dream business event or conference in your company!